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'Marry a rich man!' ' No mama! I will be the leading lady. Rich men will die before me!'

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AM 11 Jul, 2022 | 1 min read

'I never knew in my most horrendous dreams it would be you!'

'I never did it to you, time did! I'm not to be held responsible for it but it's our fate.'

'We accept what we did to you. But doing same thing to us cannot bring back your dear ones. I'm sorry Shivi!'

Have you ever felt the pain of betrayel. That too from the people whom you loved and trusted the most in this world.

Time changes but scars don't vanish. They remain there. Deeply intact in your soul.

Presenting before you a tale of love, betrayel and revenge you have never heard of. 'This is it' is the story of friendship, love, betrayel and revenge with deep emotions and complex feelings. Hope for your kind support and love ❤.

From your dear writer,

Aditi Mishra Vartika



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