This is it: Facing HIM

Will I have to answer or skip this question?

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AM 11 Jul, 2022 | 2 mins read

'Nitin tell them to contact me through mail while I will be in Dublin , and yes, most important thing, make sure to share every bit of detail regarding this deal to me while I am there. Okay?'' Okay ma'am. I will make sure to do the same.' While Shivanshi was talking to Nitin a house helper came and informed her she has a visitor at this hour.

Who has come to see me. Barely any one knows that I am here. Let's see.

There stood a tall, fair, well built young man in his early thirties sporting a Christian Dior white suit as usual and also his favourite one. What a relief man. Shivi can't recall after how long she was receiving this man at her home. The man made himself comfortable on harmony while waiting for her. She stood unfazed at the door looking at the silhouette of the man. He looked at her and smiled brightly as if he had received rain in scorching summer. 'It has been such a long time Shivi!' The man exclaimed happily. 'Nice to see you.' She uttered hardly controlling herself maintaining her stance with much difficulty.

'How have you been?' The man asked softly. 'I am quite fine. What about you?'

'I was just thinking about you all these years.' Listening to it the woman chuckled bitterly.

Yes you were wondering about me that's why now you came to me.

'What are you doing nowadays? 'The woman snapped back into the reality after the man called out her name few times. 'Nothing sort of big. Just managing my business and expanding it.'

'With whom you are collaborating?'

Yes...this is the question she was supposed to answer.

'It is in hands of fate, I haven't pondered much. By the way some companies have been shortlisted.'

'Does this list includes S & S Enterprises as well?'

She closed her eyes... She didn't know if she should tell him or not. Her brother and once her best friend.

Guys this is the first part of the series 'This is it.' Hope you like it and love it.

Aditi Mishra Vartika



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