captured inside the alien police officers mansion of horror

gore and horror

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wayne travel log
wayne travel log 15 Aug, 2022 | 2 mins read
gore shock

After a few more hours of been forced to watch the alien creatures strip naked a bright flashing light suddenly appears from the dark road of the creatures city of torture. Our eyes then turn with shock towards a dark green light flashing about outside the dark windows of horror. 

At that moment a dark green shadow walks towards the red door of evil and slides it open with a large green hand of mystery. Our eyes then open wide with shock when the creature walk through the smoke filled doors of evil horror. 

All of a sudden the figure stands in the bright flashing lights of terror while the other alien creatures run towards the dark doors of escape. The big large alien police officer then stands looking at our shocked faces while more of the alien officers enter the club of eternal torture. 

We then stand shocked with terror while the alien officer walks around in its large metal studded boots of evil whilst its red eyes scan the clubs dark corners. I hold and comfort a shocked luitent megs with my arm hands while a big purple police vehicle pulls up from the outside of the dark windows. 

At that moment a posse of alien officers walk in and pull our bodies out from the clubs upper room and drag us down towards the red door of horror. We are then dragged towards the purple van of capture and thrown inside its dark back of capture. 

A shocked brave white horse then listens while other green sirens flash about the club of horrors and doors bang with sharp thuds of evil torture. The purple van of evil then speeds away down the aliens dark road of capture towards a mystery destination. 

After a few minutes the van stops and doors open to a large blue mansion of mystery. We all stop and look on with shock when the large golden gates open with a slow creek. 

All of a sudden the alien officers appear and drag our handcuffed bodies inside the gate of capture towards a blue building in the distance. We then all watch with shock when more of the purple vans emerge from the dark road carrying all our brave army of warriors. 

The alien officers then drag our bodies inside the large blue building and trap us inside the cells of torture while the golden gates close with a sharp bang. We all then lay in the dark cells of capture while the horses and silver prince look around for a way to escape. 

written by wayne mockler

ownership and copyright wayne mockler


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