The modern slave

greed of money

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wayne travel log
wayne travel log 29 Jun, 2022 | 2 mins read

We al stand and cheer with every life we see always helping others and making sure love and life comes to all those who wait. Live is life is everything but hope is hard to find while the man walks down a ragged road earning every penny pushing his hands down the dirty pit of life.

A woman walks into the despair of work and sees a life of slavery in every respect working for a poor wage and down by a manager that loves their money and power of sitting and throwing their hands about and mouth opens uttering words of of anger and hate. the woman works her shift and and falls onto a bed of shock and ready for night to end and day to begin another miserable pit of salve at the shop of hell.

A couple walk in to the hell of hope and look around with their gold rings and smile of greed while they look around at the poor souls of despair working for a whip of greed. The couple walks towards their big limousine and thow the odd change at the beggar across the road and into  the car back to their house of love and money of cold to sit back and laugh at the worlds misfortune of life.

produced and written by wayne mockler

copyright wayne mocker 


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