walking through the dark rooms of terror

a ghost story

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wayne travel log
wayne travel log 28 Jun, 2022 | 3 mins read

We open up the door of the study and look around for the two headed demon but see nothing in the cold main room of the castle. I turn towards the horses and ask where has the beast gone but they shake their heads in confusion. 

I hold lieutenant megs close to me whilst the horses take a closer look around for any new ghostly spirits. The horses look around the room and see an old chair in the corner starting to move in the horror of the night .

The horse see a cold mist hanging over the old crumbled chair and a vivid shape of a woman sitting there. I turn towards lieutenant megs while she shakes in terror and we all run towards the other side of the room. 

The lady figure gets up from the chair and walks towards us and a cold wind sweeps through the room and blowing all the furniture around the cold dark room . We look with horror whilst the ghost lady dressed in medieval clothing walks towards while head hangs down to one side like a zombie monster. She looks deep into our eyes and uses her mind to throw us all against the wall of the room. 

We run out of the room and along the dark cold hallway and see the grey lady looking at us and pointing towards the foyer of the castle but run past her and towards  kitchen area. The horses protect us whilst we run fast towards the kitchen area and shut the door blocking the howls of the medieval ghost which filters around the building.

I push an old wooden table against the door whilst the horses comfort lieutenant megs while she stands near to the cooker and trembles hysterically . I turn around to talk with lieutenant megs and the horses and see another figure standing in the kitchen. 

The horses look at me whilst l shake with terror pointing my figure towards the kitchen table. We all move back towards the door of the kitchen and see a figure of a man dressed in an old chefs uniform holding a big wooden roller. 

The figure has a cold white face and walk very slowly dragging its one leg across the room and laughing out loud with an evil grin while it stares into our eyes. We all run towards the door while the ghost chef starts to throw its cooking materials all around the room with objects flying around and across our heads.

We quickly pull the table away from the door and run towards the foyer of the castle while the door shuts tight with an almighty bang. We sit in the cold dark stairway and wonder what will happen next in this horror house of the dark city. 

written by wayne mockler

ownership and copyright wayne mockler


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