Why are the divorce rates rising ?

Hey Guy's Here is my thought regarding divorce contest.

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Shah  طالب  अहमद
Shah طالب अहमद 04 Jul, 2022 | 3 mins read
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Hello Everyone ,

first of all, I would like to tell you that even I am also single & just Sharing my thoughts , so this topic will take few more points & then we can go Ahead accordingly.


  1. Divorce is good or Bad ?
  2. Culture Effect ?
  3. Mental or Physical balance ?
  4. Conclusion.

Divorce is good or Bad ?

we are living in 2022 & now a day's divorce is not a curse but if we look back before 90's this is the most heart breaking moment not only for bride & groom but for their families too, but according to new generation & Spikes in Knowledge about their rights things are changed & people understand the importance & moreover reason from both sides.

for divorce Mostly reason are available like abusing , assault , misbehave, dowry & self-respect etc. Apart from this we heard many other issues also but these are the most highlighted topic's & till 90's even our law is also not supportive enough in such cases & they won't help even won't register their issues.

but now with the help of education & internet people's are getting support from their friends & law office's & firm's so this term good & bad is always different for every case but good part is now women's have this power & bad is few of them are miss using it too.

Culture Effect ?

This is very very important topic , as we all know that culture effect the most, even we can't reject this thought that "Your Behavior is a mirror of your culture & Society" so according to me, if your upbringing & education is good enough & your mental status is also healthy to understand the difference of right & wrong with respect to your surroundings & ancestor's too.

Then it is fine to take a stand & choose wisely "But by mistaken or any other reason you are uneducated then you have to follow same old rules & soon your life turns into hell"

Because Educated can fight for himself from this evil society.

Mental or Physical balance ?

Here comes the most concerned issue , yes may be physically we can manage & won't express our issue & emotions to everyone , but somewhere in mind things are revolving continuously Remarriage , Divorce, Single Mother etc....

and as we all know that "Mental peace is the real peace" physically everyone is doing a lot for success, food ,money , lavishness & many more & get hurt himself in many manner's because somewhere they know once they will reach to their destination all should be sorted so mentally they are prepared for such physical hurt & issue but in divorce you are totally broken from inside & no one can help you until or unless you won't find yourself again.

Conclusion :

Before starting this I would like to remind you reader's these are my personal thought's that how this is looking to me may be you have a different thought process , so divorce is not cool at all breaking something means you are not a good manager or capable enough to handle stress & ventures in your life & marriage is such a crucial decision of life so if you are failed to save such important relation in your life may be again you will face many other issue like that not exactly like divorce or marriage but other management decision's.

But as we know that "Only owner knows the pain of their shoe's" Else rest people can share their idea's & review's & thats doesn't matter to LIFE.

Thank you

Shah Talib Ahmed


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    You put your thought... Divorce is good who suffering the pain but bad who misused it like arms

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