Some more crimes

Let's add some more crimes to our lives

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Shubhangani Sharma
Shubhangani Sharma 29 Jan, 2023 | 1 min read

Approaching forty with grey hair is not a crime.

Giving birth to the kids... 

Putting on some extra pounds is not a crime.

Running to and fro with them, 

getting exhausted...

being messy is not a crime.

Carrying responsibilities always,  

but shedding sometimes is not a crime.

Following rules for the family, 

but barely becoming your sunshine is not a crime.

Twenty-four into seven for others, 

out of which taking out your me time is not a crime.

Ladies your attribute is to love, to care, to share... 

But caring and validating yourself sometimes 

is not at all a crime.

So, get going and start doing some more and more crime.

Let's do it together, let's add to your life... Some more crimes.

Shubhangani Sharma


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Shubhangani Sharma



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