Greedy Witch

Greedy Witch

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SAMSKRUTHI 14 Apr, 2023 | 3 mins read

On a spooky day like today, everyone was expecting the greedy witch, Cursed Cryptic, to visit and steal fun and joy. But why? Well in this story you’ll learn why and how a witch steals fun and enjoyment, so you better keep reading.

Chapter 1: The Happy Beginning

There was a joyful girl called Cursed Cryptic who had many wizard and witch friends, and she always had fun and was always happy. Cryptic always used to spread love and joy everywhere. Everyone loved how kind she was because she had a kind heart.

Chapter 2: The Curse

It was Cryptic’s favorite time of the year, Halloween! Cryptic went into the forest to pick pumpkins for this holiday, so off she went. In the forest, she saw a mean wizard who was going to kill an animal. His knife was drawn and was sneaking up from behind. Just in time, Cryptic ran over and used a magic net to trap the wizard. But there are always consequences for everything. The wizard fumed and placed a spell on her that she will never be happy and steals away joy and fun. Thus, she became greedy and mean.

Chapter 3: Bad Times Happen

Thus, Cryptic became greedy and selfish. All the people hated her and never wanted to be her friend or even talk to her. Deep down, she feels lonely and sad, but the curse keeps making her act evilly

Chapter 4: Cryptic’s Secret

Every night at precisely midnight Cryptic secretly flies to her master, who is none other than the one who cursed her. Every day she looks straight into her master’s evil eyes which makes her more greedy, arrogant, and evil. Deep inside though, she gets more lonely and sad as the days pass. No one except for Cryptic’s mother knew about her sneaking into her master’s tower. Now that you know why Cryptic is so evil and greedy we will talk about how she becomes kind again, so keep reading!

Chapter 5: The Truth

There was a little witch named Estala, she knew that Cryptic was kindhearted deep inside, but she did not know how to fix this. Estala took a stroll in the forest and then saw the very wizard who cursed Cryptic and heard him say “Ha! Nobody can uncurse Cryptic because nobody knows that Cryptic has a part that is not cursed! ha ha ha ha!”Then Estala was so happy she ran back home and got to work to make a potion that will free Cryptic from the curse.

Chapter 6: The Potion

Estela went and wrote all the things she needed for the potion here was the list

1. 3 Dew Drops

2. A pinch of Fairy Dust

3. 5 Drops of frog burp

4. 2 Cranberries

5. A pinch pollen

6. 4 human tears

So off went Estala now to gather all the things for the potion. Estala got all the items she needed and started working on the potion in an enormous black pot. After she stirred for a while out came green smoke she collected it and then waited for the end of the day for her plan to begin.

Chapter 7: Freedom

It is exactly midnight which is the time when Cryptic visits her master. This is also the time when Estala’s plan gets into action. Estala sneaked into the wicked tower and hid behind a big pot, and she saw Cryptic speak to her master. Estala kept the potion in the big pot she hid behind. Then, Cryptic wanted to test the potion she made in that very pot that Estala made her potion in, and when she drank it Cryptic became kind and happy again.

Chapter 8: Trust

Cryptic thanked Estala for saving her, but they had to convince the other witches and wizards that she was nice once more. They pondered and pondered and finally came up with a good idea to prove that she was good. The plan was to let Cryptic restore the fun and joy to everyone, and when she did every body played and realized that she was good old Cryptic. THE END


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