The Three Ants

Three ants live in a colony, but each has a different personality. One is lazy, one is hardworking, and one is a troublemaker. When a natural disaster hits the colony, their true characters are revealed and they learn the consequences of their actions.

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Penki Sarath
Penki Sarath 22 Feb, 2023 | 2 mins read
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In a small ant colony, there lived three ants named Scurry, Crawl, and Troublemaker. Scurry was hardworking and always helped other ants in the colony. Crawl was lazy and didn't like to work, often taking naps instead. Troublemaker, as his name suggested, enjoyed causing chaos and mischief in the colony.

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Photo by MD_JERRY on Unsplash

One day, a terrible storm hit the colony. The winds were so strong that many of the ant hills were destroyed, and food was scattered everywhere. The ants needed to work together to rebuild their homes and gather enough food for the colony to survive the upcoming winter.

Scurry worked tirelessly, helping other ants rebuild their homes and gather food. Crawl, on the other hand, slept through most of the storm and didn't do much to help. Troublemaker, as always, took advantage of the chaos and stole food from other ants, causing even more chaos.

When the storm passed, the ants in the colony realized who they could truly depend on. Scurry was praised for his hard work and selflessness, while Crawl and Troublemaker were scolded for their laziness and bad behavior.

As winter approached, the colony faced a food shortage. Scurry, who had been working hard to gather food, had enough to last him through the winter. Crawl, on the other hand, had very little food and was worried about how he would survive. Troublemaker had no food and was desperate.

As it turned out, Troublemaker had been stashing food away during the storm, hoping to save it for himself. But when the other ants found out, they were furious. Troublemaker was punished, and his stash was distributed to those in need.

The ants learned an important lesson from the storm. They realized that hard work and cooperation were necessary to survive, and that selfishness and laziness only led to trouble.

The moral of the story is that our actions have consequences. We should work hard, be selfless, and always think about the well-being of those around us. Otherwise, our bad behavior may come back to haunt us in the end.


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