Heaven's Memento

A story line based historical novel

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Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh 22 Mar, 2022 | 20 mins read

Earth 365: Heaven's Memento

Vol.1 Ch-1

Once upon a time in a beautiful sunny day in Astareen,Eblistan 1422 . The place was loud and crowded as expected to the world's se      cond most popular trading port. The popualtion was increasing because many peasents and traders migrated from many other contries to Eblistan. Eblistan was famous for it's Textile production of different kinds of Ore mining , Coffee production and the Rumoured Secret artifacts from future. Foreign People Believes that the predecessor of the Alsaif dynasty found a way to travel back in time but after many sacrifices and death in the middle of endless time void someone actually came after a centuary,Well that's a different story. That day the city lost his sultan Firas Alsaif and then his son Orion alsaif(age:15) become the next ruler.He was the youngest sultan ever in the history of eblistan. From now on Orion took the responsiblity of the Eblistan empire so he can respect his father's last wish. He wasn't a type of great leader, He knew that his younger brother got better potentiel then him even though he is only 13 years old but, Still he took the throne as the eldest son and tried to fulfill his duty nevertheless. After 6 months (16 may,1422) an mysterious incident happened near the castle in the Senguine river.The news spreaded like wildfire and atlast reached to Orion.

(North fortress castle, Astareen,Eblistan) (Early morning) (Sultan's Quarter,Orion's room.)

Orion: AwAaha (Yawning) , Why everyone is so noisy. It's still early morning.

(He gets off his bed and took a look outside from his window.)

Orion: AwAaha (Yawning), Now what is that. Am i still sleeping or what, (Rubbing his eyes) where did the river dissapered to and who build those monuments over the night without a single fuss. Wait! (he rushed towards a table besides his bed and pick up his glass of water that he had last night.) Hmm, This doesn't smells like alcohol so is those monuments- (Then he heard a SLAM on his door and he saw the Vazir (Kurutus Nahum) in a very troubled state. By the looks of his face he seemed very worrried and nervous.)

Orion: A-A-Are you alright Mr. Nahum. Why you seems so worried.

Nahum: Aw-aza-baka-zaka

Orion: Calm down Mr. nahum i can't understand a single word you are saying.

Nahum: Okay (getting a hold of himself)

Orion: You wanna glass of water ?

Nahum: Don't trouble yourself (pant) your majesty (He pointed towards the window) some Strange (pant) monuments appeared on (Pant) the surface of (pant) senguin river this morning.

Orion: You meant that one. (He pointed out towards the Monuments.)

Nahum: Yes, That one.

Orion: ("Wait, What just happened there. Last night when i came at the exact spot to close the curtains that time there was nothing and now some freaky buidings grew up from nowhere. This is something supernatural here. What action would father would have taken in his ruling time. I wonder what will happen if I use relic no.1 . No that would be stupid I sh-")

Nahum: We've ceased all path leading towards senguine river for all the civilians . So, the ministers and prime dukes request you to visit the site at once So that we could go further deep in the investigation.

Orion: Oh, Right right right Just give me a second.

Nahum: As you wish Your majesty. (He left the room)

 (Then Orion heard a creak on his door that sent shivers through his spines.)

Orion: I told them a thousand times to replace the door with a new one but, anyways I have to get ready.(Orion headed towards the cupboard in the left side of his room. He opened his cupboard and took out his brown leather surcoat and his red coloured cape with the emblem of eblistan at the middle. Then from an locker he took out a box made up of glass. He opened the box and took out the golden crown embedded by strips of ruby and sapphire.)

(after getting ready Orion left his room where one of his servant was waiting with his black coloured boots which were perfectly polished.)

Orion: ("Oh, shoot I forgot that i am still in my sandals") I shall commend you for your service. Now you can , Leave it here and tell the Pulgonal Vazir that I'll meet him in the council court.

Servant: As you wish sultan. (After putting on his boots he finally left his room for real and headed towards the council court. As,he entered the court he found nahum sitting at the adjacent left of the throne of the sultan. That seat was less majestic then the sultan's. That was seat belonged to the One of the Prime Minister, The Pulgonal Vazir (kurutus Nahum-present) was sitting. the same seat was at the opposite of kurutus which was the throne of the Corborel Vazir ( Togei Adhivar-absent). after the Prime minister's there were the thrones of 4 dukes from 4 four different Noble's The Hamadis,Tuvren,dawouds and husseins. after the 4 dukes there were the seats of foreign ministers from Ottomul empire, The great toshioki empire of japan, Lahaj Empire and The great Stanial Imperial empire of europe. After Them Their were trading minister who keep all the records of profit and loss of coffee and textiles traded with foreign countries, diffence minister of all the 3 boarders line of Eblistan,Offence Minister who supervise all the armorys in eblistan,Assault minister who supervise the Assassination squads to take down bandit's territorys at west and northern-west Eblistan. now at the last portion of the hall there were all the development advisors whose supervise all the plan's of construction and atlast the so called Warcheif of Eblistan (Urui Alsaif-abesent) also the younger brother of Orion. But, Most of the time he wanders around the world to learn new swordmanship and improves his skills for the Empire)

Orion: Where did everyone dissapered to

Nahum: Ah, I am ashamed to say but i really don't know where they are, If you need their assistance than I can postpone -

Orion: Ah, no need let's go there right now.

(Then Nahum accompanied Orion to the site. Senguine river was situated betweem 2 mountain range also know as rokinbuns's mountain range which extends from the bottom to top of eblistan and divides it into 2 parts. Orion left the castle from the stables at the back side of castle and headed towards the group of mysterious monuments that's arised from the senguine river. The whole scene was surrounded by guards but, That didn't stopped the people of eblistan from gathering inside and making their ideal rumours about the situation.Even the Seaport was overboard by foreign ships because of the incident. As, Orion entered the mystreious town, The guards announced his entry and cleared the main route inside the town an the chatter of the civilians were gradually decreasing as everyone wanted to see how the sultan will take the action.)

Orion: ("Woah,What it this place I've never saw building like these.Is this copper, No doesn't smell like it ) (Orion called an upper ranking liutenent Of the search team Who was at the scene") (Ahm) Did, You found any fish or anything unusual here like seaplants and stuff? Because I assumes that the land was somehow arised from below.

Liutenient: Your majesty but, only half of the situations seems like it. We investigated the whole area we indeed found fish but we suspects that the water didn't just dissapered but it evaporated because of the intense heat.

Orion: WHAT! Intense heat inside a water body how is that possible, So (Ahm) Can i ask you how did you reached on this conclusion of yours ,any proof?

Liutenent: Eye witnessess and remains of half burnt-boiled fishes Your majesty, the surface of these buildings are still hot and there is no trace of water in the cavity's present in the buildings. One of the maid from the castle and some Guard's from stable told us first hand that the River is acting strange and then after we reached here the lake was already gone.

Orion: Wait, then is the whole route of the rivers stopped.

Liutenent: No, The route that crosess from Astareen has been completed stopped but the meral district route is still safe.

Orion: So, Did your search party found any entrance in these buildings.

Liutenent: We were still working on that your majesty, Maybe after sometime we might get some lead on this matter.

Orion: I see. (This whole town seems bigger than normal villages anyways.) Ah, mr. Nahum

Nahum: Ah, yes your majesty.

Orion: Should we use the Relics on it. (Orion whispered to Nahum)

Nahum: If you find it important then we'll use it right here Your majesty.

Orion: But, I am asking for your advice here.(Ahad whispered to nahum furiously)

Nahum: Oh, I see I am sorry for misunderstanding your command. Maybe, First we should wait for the search party. If they found an entrance then i dont think we'll need to reveal any of our secrets.

Orion: Yeah, You are right it ins't the time to reveal our secrets yet when there is this much crowd here.

(As they waited for the search party Orion walked deeper in the mysterious town. All the building had the same heights as a normal house but they also had this weird carvings on their walls. The whole town was surprisingly black coloured and also every single building was arranged in a proper format so maybe people can interect with them but still the bigger mystery was the entrance. After some time, Orion Reached in front of an bigger building which looked like a Town hall. At, That time Orion understood That he was at the center of the town but lost his way back and luckily he found the search party coming back. Unfortunately the search party didn't found any entrance so Orion had to use his last resort.)

Orion: (Took out a no. of keys from his belt.) Mr. Nahum I entrust you with these and plz bring the 16th no. relic and tell all the guards to restrict every citizen from entering even the castle.

Nahum: Yes, Your majesty I will not dissappoint you.

(After Orion's order all citizen were removed from the scene and the whole place was now in silence. After some time guards brought 3 sets of box on which 16 was carved on a 2 wheeled troley.)

Orion: take it towards the centre of the town.

Nahum: You've decided a specific building?

Orion: Yes! I actually got lost on my walk there you see hihihi. BUT! Maybe i found the town hall on my little trip towards the center. I think that the town hall might contain something worth using my relic.

Nahum: Oh, I see. (Nahum smiled while lookink away.)

Orion: What! was their something funny about it.

Nahum: No, I am just happy to see your progress as a sultan Orion.

Orion: Wai-What, (Sigh) You know what you are a strange guy mr. Nahum. Calling me with my name first time after I became the sultan.

Nahum: Ofcourse, I have to say your name with respect because it might be sudden but you are the sultan of eblistan. Your father saw promise in you as a Sultan. Maybe he found more promise in you then Urui, That kid never even visits his own home in years. I hope he is safe wherever he is wandering to learn new swordmanship.

Orion: Hmmmm Yeah ,I got what you meant.

(After they reached at the centre. they set the 3 boxes in front of the wall of the town hall.)

Liutenent: What kind of power is that.

Orion: As much as I know we gotta shoot a arrow on it and it will kind of explode but on a large scale.

Liutenent: Does that contains gunpowder.

Orion: Yeah, Maybe. That was made by my ancestor who was transported in a different world which was very much developed than ours.

Liutenent: What! was th-

Orion: Truth to be told i dont know myself, I mean if travelling to another world was possible then why there was no one else other then my anchestor.

Liutenent: I see, your majesty.

Orion: Well, Now you've seen our relics so try to be quite about it okay.

Liutenent: As you wish.

(After setting everyone out of the range Orion finally gave the order to shoot the arrow on the box.)

Orion: Ah, Wait a sec. Ignite fire on the arrow. if there is gunpowder inside the relic then an fire arrow will do the job perfectly.

guard: Understood your majesty.

(After the guard shot the arrow a big explosion occured and everyone braced for impact. The Explosion was so loud that some of the guards who were near got unconscious on the spot. The smoke was covering the whole area for a while. After the smoke settled down The Liutenent checked the wall but-)

Liutenent: There's not a single scratch on the wall.

Orion: WHAT! (Orion Rushed towards the wall to confirm)

Orion: MY WHOLE RELIC GOT DESTROYED AND THERES NOT A SINGLE DENT ON THE WALL! Even the carving on the wall didn't get affected by the explosion.

Nahum: Ah,(I dont have anything to say now. How did a relic didn't do a miracle)

Orion: (Sigh) (he sat on the ground and said) I Guess all we can do is sit back and relax, Until any kind of change occurs in this town. Keep the investigate the town on daily basis. Don't do it all the time just look out for any kind of change at night time. That's the final order because now it's all getting over my head. (SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT, I lost a relic on such a stupid thing. What would father say if he had seen my failure. NO! I will find a way to enter this thing in front of me no matter what But, For now i am gonna head to lahaj I guess gotta tell Jade about this town first.)

Orion: (He stood up) Mr. Nahum forget tomorrow i am going to Lahaj now so plz replace my door and look out for my brother. Tell him that his vacation is over and now it's time for him to get serious and learn one or two thing about empire management. I want him to work as my subsitute.

Nahum: bu-

Orion: Tell him that it's his punishment for getting disappeared again. It's been a year since i visited lahaj and here he is wandering all around the world for last 9 months. He even didn't visited eblistan on father's funeral what kind of training was he doing which was even important than his family huh? I am sick of this behaviour of his-

Nahum: Orion! CALM DOWN.

Orion: . . . . . . . . . .

Nahum: There's no need to be so hyper just because one of the relic got waisted. Relics were always the property of current sultan of eblistan. In the past many sultans waisted or even misused the relics. You should be thankful That there was atleast no casuality because you do know what happened in 1100 when the sultan that time used no.1 Relic. It's totally okay if we loose a relic but stop acting all flustrated and depressed like a kid. Because you are the Sultan now of Eblistan an empire which was always known as one of the most powerfull empire in this world. A empire which can destroy hundreds of city and devour thousands of life.

(Everyone started to look at nahum with surprise)

Nahum: But, If the Sultan will act like a kid on small-small things than this empire will be overtaken in no time you and I both knows that. I am not scolding you but I just want you to think rationally about everything and get a habit of keeping your cool okay. If you wanna go to Lahaj then that's okay but don't throw everything at your brother. He is working hard for this empire not for his own too. You are the only family of him don't forget about that too, I know that your parents would never be happy from seeing you to fighting with each other.

Orion: ah, I-I-I think i will leave tomorrow as planned.

Nahum: No, No it's okay you can go I am not mad. I'll handle everything.

Orion: No, I'll leave for Lahaj tommorow okay. I'll head to my office then.

(Many months passed but no change occured in the mystrious town. As time passesd Orion got a hold of the empire management and everything was going smoothly. He often visited his allied empire Lahaj. The news about the mysterious city also spread all around the world as time passed by. Many empires tried to aid Eblistan by using explosives to pry open the walls of the town hall but none of them succeed because there impact weren't even close to the impact of relic no.16. So Orion decided to leave the matter as it is as long as there is no trouble. 2 years passed(1424) with peace in eblistan and Orion was training his swordmanship in Lahaj with the assistence and guidance of Haider lahajmudin. The 3rd prince of lahaj empire.)

(LAHAJ, Capital Qadaitan, Wolveslay castle,Royal garden.) (1424, 4th sept) ( afternoon)

Haider: You ready Orion.

Orion: Yeah,never been this much ready.

Haider: Woah, Seems like you will pass this one.

(Haider raised his hand and pointed his fingers towards Orion. The swords which were lying in the ground started to move and rose up in the air, 8 swords surrounded Haider's hand.)

Haider: GO!

(All swords from haider hands rushed towards Orion. Orion started to shift back as he started to parry all swords.)

Haider: One from behind.

(1 sword attacked Orion from behind. Orion peeked behind and then took a step at his right while parrying the incoming attacks from his front.)

Orion: (sigh)

(Orion started to run around the garden while the sword were following him. His objective was to parry every attack until Haider's power run out.)

Orion: Aren't you goin easy on me? even I am fast than these swords.

Haider: Would you say the same thing if they were arrows.

Orion: Wha-

(two arrows rushed towards Orion from his left and right.)

Orion: (If i continuid running forward then the arrows will hit me for sure. And if i stopped the swords will hit me. There's not so much time to side step i guess i have to raise the white flag. Then Orion intenstionally tripped his feet and fell down right on his face to avoid attack from both side.)

Orion: (lying down) Phew! I was just about to get hit .

Haider: Seriosuly Orion, Again that technique you do know that will not save you in a real combat and you will get yourself killed in an instant.

Orion: I am sorry I didn't knew what to do.

Haider: As, I said don't panic in slim situations. Just try to think something creative. If you had looked clearly then you would have dodged both arrow clearly while running forward with a powerful blow from your sword and then you should have turned back with the momentum you got from your sword and in the last maybe you might have done the back slide.

Orion: What! BAck slide, Wouln't it be easy if i had done front slide.

Haider: No! there was an 70% chance that you would have stood up after the front slide because of the slim situation you had before you. And front slide is faster than the back slide. If you would have done back slide after hitting the arrows then the the arrow must be flown over you because you speed would deacresed and that way you would can destroy the swords from behind because i can't control the sword if somebody hit the lower part .

Orion: Ah, isn't that a big explaination you got there.

Haider: Your brain can calculate that much just try to speak less in a fight and in training. That way you can focus more in a fight and find more creative ways to dodge attacks.

Orion: Okay sir, from now on you'll see what am i made up of.

Haider: Wait, (sigh) you might not be but i am tired right now. Let's continue in evening.

Orion: fine then.

(Then They both headed inside towards the Main hall from a corridor.)

Haider: As, I was saying You should try to push past your limit because you can but i can't.

Orion: What? You can literally kill a person without even actually holding a weapon.

Haider: Ah that, Well you do know that we have a limit. And our kind is also rare in this world if you look at it. But, We can't use creative ways of killing like normal humans can. every single attack of our is just straightforward, If we use a good amount of our mental strenght then maybe it can cause some trouble but while we use teleknesis we become vulnarable to any incoming attack coming to us Because 80% of our brain just focuses on offence not on defence. Truth to be told even i can't become like you even if I try. It's just natural for us psychic to use our psychic abilities in place of actual hand to hand combat.

Orion: But, your power will be unstoppable if you try to attack while taking cover.

Haider: No, Maybe you haven't figured out but you can feel the aura of our energy can't you.

Orion: Yeah, I can predict the diretion of the user.

Haider: Exactly, Even you could have injured me while i was using teleknesis, Easily.

Orion: So, is being a psychic that depressing.

Haider: Well, I don't know about our family. But, Maybe some Psychics found a way to mutate their power in the other side of the world. But, You shouldn't worry about that because Human's will be at top because Human can do anything if they wants to with just a little practice.

Orion: last time I trained 3months, is it still a little practice?

Haider: Anyways father called you and jade this evening in the council hall.

Orion: Huh, Why?

Haider: Don't Maybe it's some discussion about your marriage next year, He said me to deliver this message to you so here I am.

(Then eventually one of the guard of lahaj came running from behind and)

guard: Prince Haider! Thank god I found u here.

Haider: Why?

guard: There's some kind of dispute between the master chefs.

Haider: Between them? So can't they resolve it by themselves.

guard: There are refusing to cook today's lunch.

Haider: What! Are they crazy or what? that's treasory and they might get executed for this. Sorry Orion but i gotta check the situation. Don't want our master chefs to get killed, Right?

Orion: Right (sigh)

Haider: And yeah tell jade to come too.

Orion: Huh, me ?

Haider: Yes! you sultan of Eblistan who kinda looks scared just because he have to talk to a girl.

Orion: I am not scared, I'll show you

(Haider walked away and Orion continued to walk towards the 2nd floor where Jade's floor was.)

Orion: He thinks i am scared? Hell no who will get sca-

(Then something struck on his mind)

Orion: Is she even gonna to me, It's been 6 months since I talked to her. Wait! (he searched his belt to find something.) She also have the relic no.6 which I gave her that night. I hope she didn't gave it to anyone.

(Orion reached in front of her room)

Orion: (Knock!) (Knock!) Ah, JADE! it's me Orion you in there.

Jade: . . . . .

Orion: (Knock!) (Knock!) Princess! it's me Orion you in there.

Jade: what do you want. ( she said in a low pitched voice)

Orion: Seems you are still asleep am i disturbing you.

Jade: No, ah.

Orion: Actually your father wanted see you this ev-

Jade: Sorry, But i-

Orion: See, princess you gotta move forward. It's been 6 months and I haven't even seen you. What good will it do for us to find Zophiel. All of my search party is gone to the north and haven't found her for last 6 month but we are still trying. It's just gonna hurt your father and me if you lock yourself up.

Jade: B-B-But, It was my fault th-that she got kidnapped in the first place.

Orion: No, It is not our not yours the only one to blame are the intuders. Most of them was killed by urui but-

Jade: Urui did found Zophiel right.

Orion: Yeah bu-

Jade: Still, We lost her even after your brother reached to her.

Orion: Still, He fought 14 adults alone even though he was only 15 that time. Even i wouln't have done that. He got ambushed from behind and got and lost his eye. That's why he retreated and tried to reach to safety, but the nearby town were already attacked by northern bandits.

Jade: . . . . . . . . . .

Orion: See, Just come on and try to get out of your room, I am 100% sure that we'll find zophiel in no time.

Jade: Okay, If you say so

Orion: Okay and your father was calling us both in the council hall in the evening so be sure to come. I should get going too, One of my advisor is waiting outside, So-

Jade: Wait, a minute.

Orion: (He turned back) HUh.

(Jade was standing in front of him with a box in her hand.)

Jade: You forgot Something.

Orion: It's relic no. 6! (he took the box and hanged it on his belt.) Thank you for not opening the seal till now.

Jade: Hmmm.

(They stood their for a while and then Ahad grasped her in his arms.)

Orion: I am sorry (Tears started coming from his eyes.) I am sorry that you suffered.

Jade: (tears in her eyes) What! are you talking about idiot.

Orion: No,It was me who took you up in the first place. And If i had told everyone about the secret passageway then everything would be fine. I thought that i am making some progress as a sultan but it's no use.

Jade: But, You did your best you shouldn't blame yourself.

Orion: Hmm, Yeah you are right i am sorry. (he then released his arms) Well, you know what this is very embarassing so I gotta run from here as fast as i can.

Jade: You can.

Orion: Thank you. (Orion ran straight out of the castle. Many guards tried to ask him the reason for his hurry but he ignored them and leaved the castle as fast as he can.)

Orion: (Taking deep breaths) What the hell did i do just now. I am such a crybaby I literally cried in front of her an-

(Then something struck on his mind)

Orion: Well she also had tears in her eyes so i guess it's fine to cry sometimes to take out the frustration inside us right.

Orion: BUT! I AM SUCH A FOOL, Why did I ran away from her.

(Then something struck on his mind again.)

Orion: Well, she do know that i am a weirdo that's why she gave me permission to run then it's all good i guess. I should pobably get going soon too.(he walked towards the town)

(When me and Jade were 12 years old we were engaged on the request of her father because she had feelings for me. My and her father are basically comrades in war that's why they both were friends since they were kids too. When their proposal came to us, then my father accepted it after asking me. I was cool with the idea too because I didn't hated her or anything, I also thought it would be nice if a pretty girl like her would be my wife. Both Eblistan and Lahaj had kinda same tradition of marriage which starts from age of 13 like planting some trees,taking blessings from relatives and travelling to different lands to study together was our normal tradition. We both were sended to otommul empire for 3 phases of education that is economics, war and empire management. Even in our birthday one of us was always present their to celebrate it together. Well, Maybe that's why i slowly started to like her too. She was also faboulos in everything like my brother and unlike me who have many weird habits. But, It was a honor for me to be her fiancee. So zophiel was her little sister who was born 14 days after my brother. Jade and Zophiel were very close because it was rare to see mutual intrests between siblings. Both, Had a strong obsession with flowers that's how the royal garden in Wolveslay castle exist. Everything was going smoothly until 6 months ago the day when 11 maids,140 civilians from different districts in total and Princess of Zophiel lahajmudin were kidnapped, To know know everything we gotta go back to the past.)

(LAHAJ, Capital Qadaitan, Wolveslay castle.) (1424, 24th march) ( afternoon) (Night)

(Princess Jade was on the way to her sister's room but then)


Jade: Huh? What was that sound.

(creak) (creak)

Jade: Again, Is it coming from up, From the Ceiling?

(She raised her hand and used clairvoyance to scan the upper part of the ceinling and she found a presence on a trap door. She used her teleknesis and accidently broke the trapdoor because she wasn't very good at it and then)

(Boom) (Smoke covered up her sight and After some time)

Jade: Orion? When did you get here.



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