The Ouija Board

A short horror and mystery filled revenge story.

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Marakkath Shilpa Devdas
Marakkath Shilpa Devdas 30 Aug, 2023 | 3 mins read
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"I know you're confused, it will all make sense later, but right now we have get out of here."

What for? Tell me the truth now.

Ann asked this to Suzy. Suzy was much frightened. Hence Suzy said the truth beneath her fear. She said that just for fun and to spend her time she tried to do something different. She had an ouija board which she knows how to handle. And she lighted a candle in the dark and spelled out to call a spirit. And the planchette on the ouija board started to move

She just said this much to Ann and suddenly something unusual happened.

As soon as Suzy told to Ann about the calling out for a spirit full room started getting smoky. Suzy could see nothing. When. the smoke was cleared she was shocked. Suddenly Ann started to fade away. And after a few minutes Ann was not seen. Suzy was really frightened.

Suddenly the planchette on the ouija board again started to move. So Suzy brought up all her courage and asked that who's it. And the coin moved to show up the spirit's name. And the name read "ANN".

Suzy was really frightened and was heartbroken too. She asked her that how did it happen. How did fate play such brutally with her. Hence Ann's spirit replied you're my only friend whom I trusted and loved from the core of my heart and I still do. But you have to help me to get free.

Ann told Suzy that what happened with her. She started that she was passing on taking photos with her camera suddenly she crossed road but unfortunately a car hit her. It was not her fault but the car was out of it's track. Her head was bleeding . Four men got out of the car and they were deeply drunk. Her eyes were closed but somehow she was still conscious inside. The 4 men were very frightened so they took her to their car. They were still thinking what they should do with her. But instead of taking her to hospital they decided to burn her alive. Hence the 4 men took her to a abandoned place and set fire to her body and burnt her alive. She screamed loudly as soon as fire caught her body but no one was there to listen to her.

She told to Suzy that this is what happened and now I want to you to help me revenge.

So Suzy agreed and later on she searched for long time and finally met with those 4 people. She befriended them in some days. One day Suzy made them four to reach by a place with her. When they reached the place they noticed that it was the same abandoned place where they burned Ann alive. And at the moment the Ann's spirit came and started to revenge her death. At last she took her revenge and was set free. Before leaving she thanked Suzy for avenging for her and promised her that she will be there for her whenever she's in danger and will be forever in her heart.

Saying those words she faded away with a golden shady shower.


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