Touched the Alpha's Chest!

I'm just an unshifted Gamma's daughter. I'm turning 18 next month. I'm a late bloomer you see. But when I finally shift, I'll find my mate. But er.. there was this accident and I ended up touching the hottest guy's chest. Hehe, I touched my Alpha's chest!!

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Lily Roxy
Lily Roxy 20 Nov, 2022 | 13 mins read
romnce comedy

Chapter 1

6:30 am.

Xenia's room.


  There was a repetitive, loud banging on the door.

"Wake up, sleepyhead!" a lady's annoyed voice was heard outside Xenia's door.

Xenia in question was lying sprawled on the bed with an eye pillow on her eyes and snoring.

The yellow blanket on the floor was in a rough position.

"Xenia, I'll punish you to pick a pin before you go out today." came the lady's annoyed voice again.

Xenia turned over, hugging her pillow and groaning.


The knockings had become more relentless and harder. The door was trembling. If she added more strength, it could break!

"Honey, don't worry. I'll wake her up myself." a calm male voice was heard.

"I'm going nowhere. I've got to teach this girl a lesson today."

"Honey, can you not frown? You don't look pretty anymore." the male said in a concerned tone.

"Thank you, Xenia's dad but no, I'm not letting her off."

The door finally opened when she was planning to knock again.

Xenia's annoyed but sleepy face could be seen.

"Mom, I'm not deaf, alright! Let me sleep for just two more minutes, then I'll be fully up," she said while yawning.

"You gamed again last night, didn't you? You went against my orders!" her mother, Emma Anderson, barked.

"Mom, I didn't disobey you. I just chatted with my friends while we made preparations." Xenia defended.

"What preparations?" her mom asked with arms folded. Xenia rubbed her neck with her right hand before explaining.

"Mom, tomorrow is Saturday. It's my turn to lead our squad to complete victory in MCL.

I'm an Angela main but I'm told to use an assassin of my choice. It's not very easy, you know. So my friends demanded to see how I would fare and I did pretty well. I'm resolved to use Aamon in the last game. I'll wow them all." Xenia explained.

Her parents knew nothing about what she was saying but she has indeed admitted to playing games and slept late last night.

Emma nodded her head while biting her lip.

"Good for you, Xenia. Very good. No meat throughout this week. If you sneakily eat one outside, I'll know and you will not eat for a week in this house. Let's see how you'll have the strength to play games."

Emma turned to her husband.

"And you, just because she's the only daughter and lastborn, doesn't mean you'll pamper her spoilt. Look at her and look at me. Who mothered who? She's this big and still eating unhealthy food. She'll find her mate soon. Which mate would want a balloon for a mate? Honey, you don't want her to have heartbreak, do you? Then tell her..."


"Hello? I'm right here." Xenia reminded. They stared at her and she continued:

"And I like the way I am. If you are so embarrassed about being my mom, why didn't you terminate me at conception? Why don't you lecture your sons on being too handsome? Thankfully, they resembled Dad or else it would be a catastrophe. And I found your teenage photos last week, mum. You were a trailer in human form. How dare you talk about weight with me?"


"Xixi, get yourself prepared. Or you'll be late for school." her dad said with a sigh.

"I want to relax some more." Xenia pouted.

"Okay. But if you're not down by 7:15, you're as good as meat paste. Am I clear?" her dad asked, while wearing a smile.


"Am I clear?" he asked again. This time, he was no longer smiling.

"Yes, Dad," she replied sulkily.

"And apologize to my wife." her dad demanded.


"I won't. She called me ugly and fatso. She should apologize first."

"Xenia, how dare you put words in my mouth?"

"Mom, if you don't like me, just say it. Don't try to force me into what I hate to be. How many skinny girls are there in school? Only I and Romilly are different. It makes us special."

"What special? Xenia..."

"I don't have time to waste, Mrs Anderson. See ya later." Xenia slammed the door hard.

"Xenia, how dare you?" her mom's angry voice could still be heard.

Mom, your sextuplets are still asleep. Why don't you wake them up? You think they are nerds who read late into the night?" she stormed into the bathroom and slammed its door behind her.

Outside the room, Emma was about to shift. That's how furious she was but her husband placed his hands on her shoulders to calm her down.

"It's okay, dear. I'm pretty sure she didn't mean those words and yeah, honey, you shouldn't downplay your daughter."

"I'm not. I just want the best for her..."

"I know you love her. Come on, let's go."


Exactly at 7:15, Xenia was already downstairs.

Her parents and older siblings were already seated and about to eat.

"I am not late." Xenia said.

"Great job." her dad commended.

"Here Emma, have this." he put some food into his wife's bowl.

"You two had a fight again? *sighs* This will never stop. None of you wants to give in."

"Ian, eat your food." their dad scolded.

"Sorry I bothered to talk at all." the last on the sextuplets said and continued eating.

There was a rule of no phones or any other electrical device while dining.

"You guys eat. I'm not hungry." Xenia said and walked out of the house.

"Xenia!" her oldest brother stood up and walked after her.

"This girl..." her dad sighed.



Outside the home.

Xenia had no intention of stopping. Her brother had to hold her hand but she struggled.

"Dear, I know you feel wronged but mom doesn't hate you."

"You're even on her side. Why are you here, then?" she frowned.

"I'm not on anyone's side."

"Greg, please, just leave me alone, ok?" Xenia turned around and walked away.

"Xenia, where are you going?"

"Romilly's. Cosima makes good food." she spat before walking away angrily.

Greg sighed before walking back into the house.

Soon, he came out with his school bag. He then headed in the direction that his little sis went.




 Romilly and Xenia hugged.

"Oh, honey, were you pissed off again?"

"Am I really her daughter?" Xenia asked with teary eyes.

"You are. Every mother has a way of demonstrating their love."

"She doesn't love me, alright. Let her love her six sons!"

"Xenia, can you please calm down? Here, mum already packed this for you. It's your favorite." Greg, who had just arrived, handed a cooler to her that he'd taken out of his bag.

"I don't want it. Keep it to yourself." Xenia walked into her bestie's home.

"Let me take it. I'll surely make her eat it before it gets cold." Romilly smiled at Greg, who nodded and thanked her for her help.

Then he turned around to leave.

Mom and Xenia had this issue when she started gaining weight a lot. He could understand his mom's concerns but she's just too pushy.

Xenia, on the other hand, is headstrong and hates being told what to do, especially when it's against her will. She's turning 18 next month and since she bloomed late, she'll be shifting on the night she turns eighteen, which will also be a full moon. He could only sigh and leave.

Romilly placed the cooler aside and watched her bestie dig into the food her own mom made. She sighed as she sat at the dining table.


"If it's about those people, then I'm done eating." Xenia was about to stand up.

"XiXi, calm down. I'm not gonna talk about them, alright? Today's the weekend and Teacher Kaira did give us an assignment yesterday. You were sleeping and after that, I didn't get to talk to you during lunchtime. You went to the internet cafe to game."

"So you're gonna lecture me now? I thought you were my best buddy. You should understand me even when my family couldn't. I'm done eating. By the way, the food was delectable. Way better than Emma's. I'm off. Don't bother sitting close to me in school." Xenia rose from the chair and stormed away.

Romilly sighed.

Lately, her friend's temper had changed and it's getting worse. Was it because she was soon to shift and she was agitated or frustrated from thinking about it? Turning, for first-timers, is very painful and arduous.

Whatever, she had to make final preparations and go to school with the cooler. Although this Xenia is pissed at her mom, Emma's food is one of a kind and gives Xenia a good mood, so she must make this headstrong girl eat it.

The task would not be easy, though, considering her friend's current temperament.


Romilly sighed as she reached the seashore. Whenever her friend was in a bad mood, she always comes here. So she knew without a doubt where to find her.

She saw Xenia's bag near a boulder, along with her shoes and clothes. She sighed.

This girl had gone for a swim again. Didn't she know they would be late for school? She placed the cooler on the boulder and walked into the water until it reached her knees.

"Xenia! Xenia!"

She called out for a good 3 minutes but no one surfaced out of the water.

She became worried and wanted to go into the water to find her only for her to suddenly smell the aroma of delicious food.

Only one person made this kind of food with this aroma. Emma!

She turned around and found Xenia eating the rice in the cooler. She was in black swim trunks and a blue sports bra.

A green swim cap covered her hair and a goggle was on her head.

Romilly sighed.

"Is it fun?" she asked as she walked out of the water.

"It's delicious." was the only thing Xenia said.

Romilly walked to her with folded hands.

"When did you get here, and how did you wear your clothes without me knowing?"

"Um... It's a secret. Want some?" she offered a spoon to Romilly.

"No, thanks. Eat your food. And I've already done your assignment for you."

"Oh, thanks, Romie. You're the best." Xenia hailed and delved back into her world of eating.

Romilly just let her be. It's good now that she'd calmed down. She was thinking about how hard the task was to get her to eat the food. Who knew she would collect it of her own accord without her noticing?

When she was done eating, she thanked Romilly for bringing the food here and apologized for her unkind words.

"I know you didn't mean it, Xixi. You must be stressed."

Xenia nodded.

"Yeah. My mom gets on my nerves and I'm turning 18 soon. It's a joyous thing, but it also means I'm gonna shift. I heard that late bloomers shifting into their wolf for the first time, feel more pain than the one who shifted at 15 or 16. I'm quite jealous now and also scared. I almost cry when pricked by a needle and now I'm gonna experience something 1000 times more painful than that? Thinking about it just gets me frustrated."

"Honey, I was terrified too before I shifted at 15. But now, I don't feel any pain when shifting. It's fun. So don't worry. It will pass and you'll look back to this day and chuckle."

Romilly patted Xenia's back and the latter nodded with a smile.

"It's almost 7:49. We're gonna be late for school."

"It's not the first time we came late. Besides, I would be happiest if we could miss Maths class. I hate the teacher and the subject." Xenia wasn't alarmed.


"Well, we'll meet in class then. I love Maths." Romilly ran off with the cooler.

She would drop it at Xenia's home before racing to school. Since she'd already shifted, she could run 40 miles per hour.

School lessons start at 9 and it was located in a very isolated place in the woods. She had to reach there before 8:30 coz the gate's always locked at 8:31. Xenia is always able to get in through the back door. She's never been caught!

Xenia shook her head and rose from the boulder. She took off her swimwear and goggle, leaving the cap on.

Then she wore her clothes, took off the cap and placed the swim stuff in a nylon bag before keeping it in her school bag.

She patted the dust off her school bag and carried it, balancing it properly behind her before turning around to run. Although she hadn't shifted, she was able to run 35km per hour. The higher your wolf rank, the more speed and strength you possess.

She ran for a little more than an hour to get to a lake. On the other side of the lake was the school. To get there, one had to use the slings or walk on the thin, unstable bridge. This was to test the student's flexibility and adaptability.

But she knew her weight would destroy the bridge and also ruin the vines. So the only way was to enter the canoe and start paddling towards the other side. So as not to run late, she paddled fast. The lake was big, and she had to reach the school in time so she can use the back door to get in. If she was unlucky, she would be caught and punished.

But she got slowed down by the amazing view of the bloomed flowers on the lake. She could not help thinking of herself. She would soon be blooming. She wondered what her wolf's fur color will be like. She also hoped the pain wouldn't crush her.

She couldn't help plucking one flower and bringing it close to her nose to have a sniff.

Wah, this flower smelled so good!

She plucked a few more of them and placed them atop her bag that she kept at her feet in the canoe.

Then she resumed paddling extra fast.


 Minutes later, she arrived at the lake's shore and got out of the water.

She took her bag and the flowers and then resumed running again.

She reached the back door at 8:50. This so-called back door was actually a fence that was lower than the other towering high fences.

She had to scale it.

She looked around and ran forward before jumping and doing a somersault in the air. She was able to scale over the fence and she landed on the grass. She rose from the ground and smoothened her clothes before running forward after looking around.

She passed through many structures before joining the students that were moving about.

She saw Romilly talking to a classmate while holding a bunch of books. What a nerd she was!

It stunned many how the two of them, who are polar opposites, became best friends at all. Probably this is destiny.

"Hey, Romie!" she called out while waving as she walked toward the two.

Romilly raised her head and saw Xenia. A smile appeared on her face.

"Xixi, you're here."

"Yup. I came to join in the fun today."

"I thought you hated math class,"

"I do. But I just want to have a try and free my head. Besides, I'm invisible in class."

"Oh! This is Weston from class B1." she introduced the other person.

"Oh, the science wiz. I heard your praises." Xenia beamed.

"Oh, thanks. But I've done nothing noteworthy." the geek student said shyly.

"Oh, come on, Weston. Don't be too modest. Um… can you let me have a word with you in private?" Xenia placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Y-Yes. That's okay." Weston nodded.

"Great. Coz I really needed to talk to you whether or not you agree. You just saved me the hassle." Xenia took him to a corner.

"So you're a geek?"

"I like books, so yeah."

"Weston, do you remember what I said?"

"You asked if I'm a geek?"

"Not that,"

"Um… You're glad I agreed to talk with you in private?" Weston adjusted his glasses.

"Nope. Not today."

"Um… I've never spoken with you before today." Weston sounded nervous.

He was a transfer student from another shifter school. He's about a month old here. He's spoken with many people but not this Xenia.

She chuckled.

"Boy, don't be scared." she patted his shoulder.

"I-I'm not,"

"You spoke to me one time but not face to face."

"Er?" he looked bewildered now.

He'd never chatted with her on the phone. He didn't even have her number! What was she playing at?

"Username Weston101, member of Tihatz squad, their main jungler and proficient in using assassins. Your main is Gusion. Second liked assassin is Ling. Am I correct, Weston?" Xenia beamed creepily at him while he jolted.

"You… You… How did you find out?"

"You are too dumb. Your username alone gives you away. You're quite fierce in online battles but so weak in real life. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk." she shook her head.

"Xenia, please don't tell anyone. If my parents get news of this, I'll be toast."

"Hahaha! You're so funny. Seriously, you have no spine? You're so chicken! Hahaha!" Xenia held her trembling tummy as she giggled while he became more apprehensive.

"Alright, I won't tell on you but I need you to do me a small favour."

"Little favour?" he creased his eyebrows. Why did he have this gut feeling that whatever favor she needed from him would automatically put him at a disadvantage?

"Well, this favour if you can do it for me, I'll naturally zip my lips."

"Oh, ok. Please shoot!" he urged.

"Alright." she folded her arms.

"To keep my mouth zipped, you have two options, either challenge Kristan…"

"Kristan, the best dancer in school? And he's even stronger than me. No, I can't do that!"

"That's why you have two options."

"O-Okay. Continue, please,"


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