Nightmare Zone

This is a story about nightmares and one man having quite a terrifying one.

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Jamie Mundy
Jamie Mundy 31 May, 2023 | 2 mins read
Horror Scary Nightmares

People say dreams are visions of what to come; people also say they are nothing but thoughts, but no one says anything about nightmares. The cursed depths of the mind are often cruel for anyone experiencing a nightmare, especially one thriving with phobia.

“Is this a dream?” I thought, not knowing that I had just entered the deepest darkest part of the mind. Suddenly spiders started appearing through the cracks of a nearby wall, “ew” I thought stepping back. They are enormous and black, with their actions being impossible for spiders that huge to fit through a hole that small.

I turn around and walk away, hoping that I will wake up sooner rather than later. I can hear the cracking of whips around one corner and hear children giggling around the opposite corner, “Which way should I go?” I thought.

Thinking children can’t be worse than the immensely loud whips, I turn around the corner only to see a speaker. Inspecting the speaker, I realise this is where the giggling to coming from, I unplug the speaker, but this doesn’t stop, the incessant laughter doesn’t cease, instead it starts to get louder with every second. I step back away from the speaker, but it continues to increase in volume until it becomes deafening; I harshly clutch my ears in an attempt to quell the god-awful laughing but to no avail.

Focussing so much on the incessant laughter made me open to attack; being unable to focus left me unaware to a beast that was coming up from behind me, however lady luck smiled upon me and I happened to move from the sheer amount of pain, that was when the beast decided to lunge at me. Lunging into the speaker. The beast completely shatters the speaker, causing the ear shattering sound of laughter to disappear.

I gain my senses back and realise that deafening, ear-shattering laughter would be preferable to what stands in-front of me. A beast with menacing eyes, red eyes. Teeth that look like it can bite right through bone and its body is a mixture of hyena and minotaur. The beast lunges at me and this time I am not as lucky.

I fall to the ground with it on me and it starts to tear away at me, my bones become it’s chew toy, my skin is as weak as paper to its claws, and it begins to feast on my organs. I am in sheer-utter agony, I can’t think of anything except pain.

Once the beast is done ripping me to shreds; I am left with a mangled body, unable to get-up, raise my head or even move a finger. I lay there unable to move, unable to help myself, unable to truly comprehend what had just happened. I was dead...


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