The story of a small mushroom?

The story of the life of a tiny mushroom (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

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imakethisforstudy 24 Oct, 2021 | 2 mins read

hi, i'm mushroom, people often call me brown diamond. I grew up in an old mushroom family in England, hugging the dark brown root of an old pine tree, and hibernating through the cold winter months. I think I'm special, because I'm not like the old pine, or my neighbor's sister, a bright red man-eating plant. I can lift my bare feet off the ground and roll over. All the plants in the deep forest tell me that it is very interesting and special. My grandmother used to say, we, mushrooms, we are different, we are not plants, but we are not animals, we are sacred, we are mushrooms. I still remember that clearly. I remember, both my mom and dad were able to talk to the ants by the stream, the skinny vulture perched on the branch, or even the pink elephant that used to walk past my tree in the cold winter. , how pink. And I, the little mushroom, aka brown diamond, also have the ability to talk to animals. The first time I told animals, I told my neighbor sister, the snail is mossy green, it has a very soft shell, there is a small hole in the roof, covered with lice and moss. she said she was beautiful. I still have a lot of memories, they are beautiful, but I seem to have forgotten them all. Our house, was destroyed when the old Pine tree died, he fell, crushing my father, my mother, the moss snail and the whole family of seven color ants who just moved here. looks really scary. I remember, then, me, I don't remember what I'm doing anymore, I, I don't remember who I am, I, I even came into this world to do. i lose sleep, i sleep, i sleep, i'm good, i'm still a little mushroom, but ate the forest, the whole city, ate every bird, every sewer, cannibal, i remember the last time i When I opened my eyes, it was a scene of people running, I used my roots to squeeze their heads, like squeezing a small pear. Every living thing, on this beautiful earth, will, and must, die at my hands. I'm lost, I can see the bright star beside me, I'm absorbing it, it's hot, but I'm not the place to be reincarnated, let me destroy this world, and the sun, look at it, It's too cold, it's too bright. I don't know who I am, I'm lost, I'm lost, help me. ( i use google translate, so it have alot of mistake, so sorry〒▽〒)


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