The Decisive Princess

A Short Fairy Tale Story which depicts the moral of enthusiasm and courage

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Deepali Garg
Deepali Garg 19 Mar, 2022 | 6 mins read
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Once upon a time, there was a girl who had one little brother and frustrating job left with herself, her parents were dead she had no friends and no one besides herself who can guide her and look after her. She does every household work alone, did a part-time job and she had to look after her brother's schooling, and also pay the rent of her house. Sometimes she had to sleep hungry. One day she gave up and decided to end her life and also of her brothers so she decided to poison the food but as she was going to do so suddenly there was light all around the house and she heard a voice, the voice told her that she is actually a princess of the kingdom of Laconia. She is a true royal heir. She was shocked to hear it and was puzzled. She was not able to decide what to do, whom to contact. That night she dreamed of herself as a Queen and was eager to become a Queen. In the morning when we woke she found herself at a different place which was a grand hall where there we're beautiful chandeliers, paintings, portraits, wall decoration, and a big dining table. Soon she realized that it was not a dream it was real, her clothes changed into beautiful gowns and hair bun had roses and she was wearing a crown and antique ornaments, she saw her brother in the outfit of the prince and he was surrounded by maids and workers. Before she could stabilize herself she was called upon by an old aged woman near the throne and reluctantly she walked towards them and she was asked that where was she till now, kingdom needed her and she was nowhere to be found. She was hesitant to speak but she gathered her courage and spoke that she didn't know that she was a princess. By listening to her they all were shocked, some of them laughed at her, she was ashamed of herself and she told them about her life to them. The old aged woman told her that she is her aunt and queen of the kingdom now and she has to obey her rules. She obeyed them and started doing what the Queen wants she was not treated well she was treated like servants and was given old cottage to live in where she has to live alone, she was separated by her brother she was not allowed to meet him. She was living a pathetic life. One day one woman approached her in the night and gave her one envelope and disappeared, first she was frightened and was reluctant to open the envelope but she controlled her fear and opened the envelope in which there was a family photo by looking to that photo she realized that it was her with her parents and brother but the man and woman were not the same she was living earlier, she found the note saying that "we love you, our Princess our beautiful daughter" she was shocked to know that they were her real parents, not the ones whom she was living. That day she cried a lot, the whole night her eyes were in tears. She didn't realize that when it was morning, as she woke up she determined herself to find about her parents. She then normally did her assigned work and in the night she went to the palace secretly through the back door and went to the library for finding the clues. She searched everywhere, in the corner of the wooden table she found a box which had dust and was locked she cleaned the dust and open the box slowly with the help of hairpins she found more photos and a letter which has blood stains and a note was written saying that "beware of the aunt my daughter, save your life and our death was no accident, we were deliberately killed by your aunt, she is cruel women, act wisely, take care of your brother and kingdom, future is in your hands now, your loving father" By reading the letter she was filled with rage and wanted to end her aunt life in that moment only, she found a knife, she grabbed it, as she was headed to kill her aunt, there was light all around and one fairy came and stopped her. Fairy asked her to control her emotions and act wisely , as her aunt has her brother with her, and she can harm him. Fairy assured her that her aunt is destined to be killed by her hands. They then together made a plan against the aunt and we're eager to execute it. They collected all the proofs and as guided by a fairy that there is one person who was loyal to her parents and will surely help her, next morning she went to his house as she knocked the door of the house, the door was opened by a handsome smart looking boy, she without blinking her eyes kept looking at the boy soon she gathered herself told the boy that she wanted to talk on the urgent issue with him, a boy called her inside and she quickly told everything to him. Boy was delighted to see her and told her that her parents had fixed their marriage in their childhood and after her disappearance, he searched her everywhere but was not able to find her. She shied and blushed and then controlled her emotions and asked him whether he will help her. The boy nods and made a promise that he will be with her till his last breath, soon both of them gathered more information regarding aunt secretly, soon the day came when she was ready to stand against her aunt for her rights and beloved ones, she entered the palace and behaved normally she soon entered her aunt room and kept the letter which she found on the table and quickly hide behind the curtains, soon her aunt came and noticed the letter and was horrified and furious that how can a letter be here, she shouted to her servants but none had any word to say, she called her trusted workers and in fear, she told them that this letter can ruin everything this should not be here, by listening this girl finally came in front of her aunt and questioned her that what is written in the letter, the aunt was angry to see her and ordered her workers to take her to the prison but soon the boy enters with his trusted soldiers and captured the aunt with sword and asked her to leave the girl. Aunt out of fear ordered her servants to leave the girl, the girl asked her to tell the truth or else she will be killed, the aunt had no chance to escape so she told the truth that in order to become the queen she killed her parents and kidnapped her and her brother and sold to a poor family for money. She acted as she was finding both of them. Soon everything got into her favor and she became the queen but the real queen is the girl itself. By hearing this girl ordered the soldiers to take her to prison for life imprisonment. The aunt was taken and the girl rescued her brother and instead of herself becoming the Queen she made the boy the king of the kingdom and married him. Everything got to normal and their kingdom flourished.  

The end


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