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Fri, Mar 10, 2023 9:54 AM

A mother's soul smiles with bliss when she discovers, that a new life is stirring inside her, when a tiny yet fast heartbeat is heard for the very first time and when a soft playful kick constantly reminds her that now she's not alone.

A ‘would-be mother' somehow feels so secure n complacent because there is always a soul ( her own blood) other than hers residing inside."Hey mom I am here and soon I will be with you,” she imagines her baby calling and the voice continues to echo in her ears all throughout the day.

She falls in love with her little world so much so that she can't wait to hold it in her arms tenderly. In her baby, she now finds a new companion and you will often see them both talking to each other in their own respective gestures. You are so much a part of mine, no matter what you will look like ..for me you will always be beautiful my child, a precious gift bequeathed to me from heaven above...all this and much more she tells her baby with a watery sparkle and smiles in her eyes.

Each time as she feels her baby moving in,her heart is filled with joy... She counts every moment and she knows it won't be too long until they both would finally meet. Finally, after hours of that traumatic pain arrives the happiest moment of a mother's nine-month-long journey is when the doc makes the baby lay upon her chest...and she feels her baby's first touch.

Ah!!! that feeling............that feeling of fulfillment...feeling of holding a beautiful tiny creation in her hands is just unmatchable. She feels as if she has won a medal or so. And then it's the commencement of a totally new inning of her life. She knows she has to start from scratch....she becomes a learner again and learns to hold, feed, burp and change the baby's nappies simultaneously coping with her own post-pregnancy twists and turfs.

The beautiful bond between a mother and a child grows stronger and deeper with each passing day and that's when the motherly instinct swipes in. She knows on her own when is the baby happy, sad, hungry, uneasy or needs a change. Wholly n solely on the basis of her motherly instinct, she gathers the strength to nurture this beautiful life.

Sometimes even with no one at her side, she brings up her child on her own because she is a mother just like you and me and she has been endowed with this gift of bearing and rearing her child. Sometimes doubting and sometimes wondering at her own capabilities the process goes on and on but a mom's work is never entirely done because now this life grows outside ...open and exposed to everything and miles to go before she sleeps and miles to go before she sleeps.

I wish the best of luck to all the would-be moms. Happy motherhood and happy parenting.

Penned By:-Sonal Sharma