I Loved You!!

I Loved You

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Abhishek Mangalam
Abhishek Mangalam 09 Dec, 2022 | 2 mins read
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“I loved you!” he whispered leaning towards her right ear. And turned his back and walked away. Nobody knows what just happened. The tables were all set. The lightbulbs all hung. The party was about to end. She was not exactly in shock. She knew it all along. But nobody know why she just couldn’t say anything. And everyone knew it was just a goodbye or good night, maybe. She stood there for-a while. The guests were all here, so she stood with her smiling face. Greeting and thanking everyone for their presence. By her side was the man of her choice. Even he doesn’t know what just happened. And it seems like he didn’t even bother. He stood there holding the hand of his wife.

It's not that it took him this long to say those three words. He just knew he wasn’t the right person to confess his love for her. But how long can one wait? Sometimes you just got to say what’s in your heart. And one can argue that wasn’t the right time to say it. But when was the right time for it? Either way women have the capacity and will power to overcome a failed relationship. They can get over someone in short time as compared to men.

It's a good thing to have, actually. When one is in love things are so good and bright. It’s gloomy once the love cover gets over. And men in my opinion are most incapable to deal with heartbreaks. They just can’t. Maybe because they lack the support system or maybe they just are always in deep shit. Whatever it may be, it’s tough for anyone to get over heartbreaks. Heartbreaks are tough. It can’t be explained what one feels. But isn’t it the truth we all have to live with. We all have to go through some kind of heartbreaks to become the person we all become, good or bad, in the end.

Also, in my opinion there’s nothing that anybody is bad. It’s just the situation in which one gets which then marks them as either. But can we not be nice with everyone including us always, maybe we can’t. But we all should try at least. So, I was telling abut heartbreaks. Yes, it is we all go through, but we just learn to live. Not many dies by the virtue of just being heartbroken. We all survive. And it helps us shape our own life.

I understand love is an emotion. But heartbreaks are also a way which if given time shapes our life and more importantly it shapes us. Like after the night there’s day, the same way if you love someone your heart will get broken. It is all it is. And also, after heartbreak, if you give it a good time, things get better. And you start to love again. 


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