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Abhishek Mangalam
Abhishek Mangalam 15 Dec, 2022 | 3 mins read
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She left her office. It was already late. She had called me to be there some time back. I was on my way. I was walking as fast as I could. I called her. She was busy somewhere. After a moment I received her call. I asked where she was. She was close. But I couldn’t see her. And then she came out of the crowd, and I saw her. It was a great feeling to see someone you have been wanting to meet for long.

So, we were walking down the road. We had planned to eat pizza today. But first she had to go to her hostel. We came to her hostel. She went to her room. And I was waiting down. I thought I must talk to someone. I called my friend. Meanwhile she was ready to go. She came down. I said my friend to go. I cut the call. We were on our way.

“Go and talk to one you were talking”, she said.

I lied,” It was Anjali.”

I realized that something is off now. The girl who just came out of the hostel isn’t the girl who’s with me. She was behaving different. We walked some distance. Now she doesn’t want to eat pizza.

“Why?” I asked.

“Nothing!” she replied.

I insisted to go. We have thought about it and just in a minute she was behaving odd. I didn’t realize my mistake yet. And I was thinking what went wrong. But I insisted to go to Dominos. She seems off, though.

We ordered our pizza and took our seats. She wasn’t saying anything. I asked her a lot of times, what’s wrong! But she just wouldn’t say what has hurt her. And I was stupid to not realize what I have said. So, I started to track what happened in those minutes. I realized that I said her I was talking to a girl.

Oh boy! This must be it.

I said her why I think she is angry. She completely refused.

But I can see it. That was the thing, actually.

She always gets jealous if talk about any other girls. But she expects me to be cool when she does the same. What an irony, though. All girls are like this. I went on to tease her little more. We finished our meal. But she was still mad. I tried to get her in good mood but all in vain. We were on the road, and she was completely ignoring me. I left her at her hostel. And went to mine.

I tried to call her, but she just wouldn’t pick it up. I decided to tell her the truth. It was 10 in the night. I video called her to break the ice. Obviously, she didn’t pick it up. I pleaded her to come on video I want to tell her something. She finally called. I told her I was talking to my friend. To a male friend. Not some girls.

She didn’t believe though. But I insisted and showed her the call records. She had some doubt. But it's crazy actually. She gets jealous if I even take name of any other girls but when she does the same, boy I have to be chill.

Why does it happen? Why do we get jealous? Maybe it’s because we get attached to any person. And think them as to be a part of us. And when we see them going for someone else, it's like our own body part betraying us. Is there any solution to this? 


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