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Something like one shot .

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Anshika Saini
Anshika Saini 08 Nov, 2022 | 1 min read
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'I am a die hard fan of him,my love superstar Yash Sinha ' said Pakhi to her friend Tanisha. All knows how much Pakhi adores the superstar Yash and today her dream is about to come true because today is the fan meet of Yash Sinha and she is going there.

Today Pakhi is very excited and happy as she is going to see him in real life.She is imaging nonsense stuff between him and her.She is imaging how will she reacts if he talks with her? How will she reacts if he comes near her ? What will she do if he held her hand ? And her chain of thoughts break with the hooting sound of fans as superstar Yash Sinha enters on the stage She is constantly hooting and staring at him during the whole fan meeting.

At last when he is about left the stage, his eyes met with her for two seconds .Now Pakhi is on cloud nine, her heart is beating like she is running for hours and thinking all this she fell on the ground with a thud .All wonders what happens to this girls but who knows this is a effect of Yash Sinha.

"Afterall she is a die hard fan of him".


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