Brimming excessive love made her take the wrong decision !! Read to find what it is !

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Sowmiya S
Sowmiya S 17 Apr, 2022 | 5 mins read

That was not the usual long drive for me. I have always enjoyed being alone and exploring the best roads in the night. I like to ride both car or bike, they give me the soulful feeling. Maybe the crooked roads of the hill, dark and dense forest roads, calm and bright city roads, it can be anything but long drives during night are complete ecstasy and a pause from the hectic lifestyle. 

It was a weekend night, I planned go on a road trip in my car as usual. I drove my car out of the garage and wiped the windshield and got inside my car again. I was busy with my work for the whole week, completely exhausted. So, I decided to go to a newer place this time, more calmer and peaceful. Atlast I web searched and found a new forest area, it looked like a good choice to me, so I set my map and took off my car. 

I was almost nearing the forest area, something was totally weird. The road was unusually tranquil. Not even a sound of the insects. Of course I wanted such silence still this is creeping me out. 

But that's okay! The clear sky and the full moon were totally welcoming me to the forest. I was at peace and turned on the music and drove slowly, enjoying the serenity of the forest and the sky. 

Suddenly, I heard a loud scream from somewhere and that shook my soul entirely! 

I screech stopped my car. I know that it was not my imagination. Someone really screamed from the other side of the forest. What's going on? I am all alone now. Should I step out of the car ? Does anyone need my help? Is it okay if I think it as a hallucination and ignore it? No! No! No! I can't let anyone struggle alone. I know I am mentally struggling and I am not strong enough but letting someone suffer alone is totally inhumane. I want to feel useful atleast once in this worthless life.

I quickly grabbed a rod from my car and took my mobile and got off the car. I switched on the torch and went in the direction of the voice. It was so loud and clear that I can still remember from which direction it came. I was very careful with each and every step I take. The air was so still, completely no sound, only the sound of my throbbing heart and panting breath. I was scared to the core. I was sweating a lot. I suddenly heard another breathing sound. It was very clear in this dead silence.

Goddamn! That's a girl bleeding to death. Her eyes searching for help and her breath struggling for life.

I went running near that girl. She was gesturing something near her legs. It was tangled with tree roots. But she was not gesturing that, then what was she showing? I rubbed my eyes and took my rod in a hitting position and slowly approached her.

Oh my gosh! What is this tall figure? Totally darker than the night !

I fell on my back as I saw such a big dark figure in front of me. I was damn sure that it was not a human. No man can be such massive and terrific. My muscles were totally numb, I was not able to breath properly. I wanted to help her so badly but now I am totally helpless.

That entity was straight away looking at me but there were no eyes in the socket. The cheek bones were visible. It's skin was rotten so badly. It's darkness was sensible even in the mid of this night. The aura of death was so much stronger than anybody can imagine.

I gathered all my strength and grab hold of her hand as tight as I can. I stopped looking at that figure and started pulling her away from there. Her ankles were totally crippled and her hands were brutally beaten. She couldn't move a bit. I tried to drag her away from that creepy thing. I tightly closed my eyes and kept dragging her as much as I can. I lifted her up and ran as fast as I can and took her inside the car.

We both were panting heavily and she started sobbing.

I was totally confused and terrified. I wanted to console her and ask her what happened and did it vanish now?

I fetched her some water. Her eyes were sunken and her face was bruised. She wanted to talk to me but couldn't control her tears. She was trying to utter something. I patted on her shoulders and even I was scared of what I saw. I could still feel my gut drop. I was cautiously looking around us. When I was peeping from the window, she took my hands near her and I could feel her tears falling on my hands. Atlast she spoke, " He was gone already, it was my mistake to believe her so blindly." Again started weeping and continued, " My boyfriend died in an accident a month ago, I couldn't take up his lose so I searched in internet and got a contact of a witch. I ask her about bringing my boyfriend back. She promised me that she would bring him back. She asked me to leave my home because all her power lies only inside this forest and in this forest I could live happily with my boyfriend."

I was totally shocked about this story. Who believes all this ? Is love really this blind? I never loved anyone or nobody loved me so maybe I don't understand all these things!

I asked her, "So, was it your dead boyfriend who was standing there?" She yelled," No! He can't be that cruel. He was the kindest soul on this earth." Then I asked her, "Then what is that entity?" Her eyes widened in fear, she stammered, " That... That was a devil... in my boyfriend's body. She used his body to wake a devil. She betrayed me. He kept me captivate for 3 months and tortured me to death. I somehow managed to get away today. He can't come out from that forest. Never! Thank you! Thank you so much for saving me." She was still weeping and I was traumatized by the sight.

I kept driving out of the forest until I reached a city. Now I am a bit relieved and I too thanked her, "You made me feel better for the first time in my life, maybe this is not the right time to speak all these things still I won't get another opportunity. I strongly believe that you can drive my loneliness away and I can protect you well like I did today. Will you be my partner for life?"

She was surprised but I hope she is a bit convinced with my proposal. She looked at me smiling, and said "I need some time to think"

Till this time my life was darker than the night but now I have the strength to make it bright than the day. (Wink!)


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