Chapter 1

She has pretended her whole life.... He has never been seen... She holds the key to his future... He holds the truth of her past.... When they collide, sparks fly.... So does fire.... Burning them all....

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Tick , tock,

Tick , tock, 

Waiting is boring and that's exactly what I was doing. I was hiding and waiting beside the round pillar standing right in front of the king's Gold chamber, waiting for him to leave. There was a ceremony that was going to happen tonight. Rumors had it that the king himself will be attending the ceremony which obviously gives us the only chance to fulfill the mission. Nobody was allowed on this floor as it was a sanctuary to the king and defying the king meant only one thing DEATH. The king was known to be ruthless, a fearless killer with demonic nature and will kill anyone in the blink of an eye if his order is defied. He was the ruler of all kingdoms in the south. He was above all. Nobody had seen the king in person. Nobody knew what he looked like or anything about him. It was his name that did everything for him "King Aehannik Lucian Wilkerson IV". He was feared all around and this mission was a risk.

A risk I was willing to take.....

The doors of the chamber opened. A group of guards came out in a straight line. They were heavily built and armed, forming a shield for their king. Right in the middle was the king himself, hidden like a gem from all the prying eyes.

"MARCH!!!!" A loud voice came from the guard at the front and they made their way down the hall. I sneakily moved beside them to get a glimpse. He was intriguing even for me although I had no interest in him.The only emotion that I had for him was HATE. I was here to steal what's rightfully mine. 

They were down the hallway and the stairs in a heart beat. I moved around the corridor towards the chamber. The door was so giant, gold plated with ancient carvings all over making it an ancient masterpiece. I pushed the door slightly to make way. As soon as I was about to enter I heard the march of the bodyguards again, the sound getting closer and closer....

"Shit, He is Back..." I hurriedly closed the door and tiptoed towards my hiding spot. The moment I hid, the guards appeared in the doorway the chamber was opened and the King was escorted inside. There was no way I was going to get it today. I will have to comeback at night. The doors were shut behind and I made my way towards the stairs looking around. I raced down the stairs going through the hallway same way I came in. I was almost there .I walked as fast as I could towards the hall. Walk faster.. Shut up...

"STOP!!!" A gruff voice came from behind. shoot I ME MySELF is DEAD now 

"Ay Lad, why are you coming from upstairs...?" the voice continued. 

"Boy turn around" I was speculating all of my options. The best way was to hide in the crowd and go with the flow. 

and that's exactly what I did. I ran.

"Guards.. get him!!" I could hear the footsteps behind me. I ran towards the hall as fast as I could. See told ya to walk fast.. my stupid brain.. The hall was huge and crowded. The guards were all looking around trying to look for me. I took of my beanie covered myself with the hoodie blending in easily. I started walking in the direction of where the crowd was going but instead of getting towards the exit, I was walking farther and farther away from it. 

"Walk!!!" someone pushed from behind and deeper and deeper I dived.

"You here for the ceremony boy?" A guard on the entrance of the other hallway asked. "You don't have the mark..... " he continued pulling and pushing my hands. he pushed me to towards the other guard.

"Walk this way..."


Life never treats you the way you want it to be and it never gives you what you want but...

the things you run away from, show your back to... they find you like destiny one way or another maybe that's why they say opposite attracts and the destiny works its way bringing them together apart the differences.

life has its own way of working, playing its charms on the strings that humans are attached to. We are bound to follow what's ordered and we get so entangled that we are willing to go lengths for the people we love, cherish and care for, My story is no different yet I am to blame for the trouble that I'm in. The mission was simple, in and out, no detours, yet here I am. The plan was to go in the castle and get the journal and out and off the sight. I was supposed to stay in the shadows but somehow I got stuck in the crowd which I wasn't supposed to be in. I remember my orders exactly.

" Get the journal from the King's chamber unnoticed. Make sure you come back with it." 

The exact words of my father. It was father's prized possession and as he said "the answers to all the mysteries" that have been revolving around my whole life. He trained me to fight my whole life. Be skillful, invisible and stay in control. The king wasn't supposed to be in his chambers that night yet he had a change in plan making me change my plan. The priced possession of the kingdoms was the king and his possession was the jewelled gold plated journal. This hot chaos has me locked in a cellar for the 2nd day now. Why do people even worship him. They don't, they are just scared of him. There is nothing I can do now that I am locked inside........

 Fun isn't it... staying in a cellar pretending to be a fortune teller to two other girls who are stuck in the cellar in front to me for some crazy reasons which I am definitely not aware of but my guessing game is on right now and at its peak. At this point of time there is no way of getting out so its a fun game to play. 

''Hey Killian..... Killian you were saying something....'' the blonde in front of me called to get my attention.

 Anya, that was her name when we had our first conversation, she was beautiful, perfect body, blue eyes, rosy lips and a button nose and damn the jaw line, I never knew girls had it in them but then again I was more tom boyish, My father made sure of that. Everything I did was a secret and so was my gender my behavior, my voice, everything..... of course, the topic was always in question for obvious reasons and the same answer every time.

''Killian, are you listening?'' damn she speaks a lot that's an issue for girls, they speak a lot. I love to talk as well...

to myself that is...

''Yeah... yeah...I am.... I am just saying that that you will find your true love...'' sure while sitting in this cellar..."and fall in love deeper that you can imagine.''

'' really...'' she asked excitedly. 

'' that's what it says on the lines of your forehead.'' not that I can see them clearly.. I always wished someone could answer all the questions that I have in my life. but right now at this moment the bigger question was the fact that I was the only guy around this cellar. Did they catch on??.... no, they possibly can't, wondering why... because I had stayed hidden my entire life, this was something I was skilled at. Father trained me to stay hidden, taught me to never show my true self to nobody maybe because of the fact that I had rainbow eyes, mix shades, the ones that radiate light when I lose control. I have had seizures as the power is to hard to control. The only thing that keeps my power in check is the ruby carved right in the middle of my chest. It's a crystal that absorbs the power and works with my system. So, I always had to wear glasses, lens dress pants, shirts, long coats and boots hair neatly and tightly tucked under the wig so that they don't come out to keep my identity hidden, Father says, I am last of my lineage so I have to be careful. 

The girls were leaving one by one and were never coming back. it was a wait game from two days straight. 

''Hey you blondie.. let's go..'' A gruff voice brought me back, out of my ranting session that I get 3-4 times a day. it's not an issue though.. is it. He was tall 6 ' 2ish, was well built, ripped in all the place, his black outfit stuck to his body like a magnet. His facial expression and features were as hard as a stone, as if ready to beat anyone who comes in his way. yup just like the bodyguards who were chasing after you....shut up mindd..

''It's my turn finally....'' Anya stood and stretched excitedly. Damn she knew what was happening here and here I was talking about her love life than the main topic, slow claps for myself, I was literally mentally harassing myself at this point. Once father is made aware of this, he will definitely kill me for this if not for failing my mission. I didn't belong here not to this village and definitely not to this cellar. If by any chance I was exposed I would be dead in no time. I was stupid for letting my guard down and that's a mistake I am not willing to repeat. Trying to make most of my stupid situation, I brought my attention to the second girl who was non existent because of a chirpy distraction which was Anya.

''hey... don't you wanna know your future?'' I asked trying to get her attention. Now that I was actually paying attention, she wasn't a girl, a lady in her 60s was sitting in the corner playing with her hands. Her face looked all swollen from where I was standing not that I could see it properly she had her head bowed, her grey hair were sticking out everywhere. her clothes, more like a sack were ragged and torn and her bruised skin in all tones from blues, to purples, pinks were at display. She looked all messed up and worn out. What's enlightening was the red light shining right near her feet, it looked like a ring or was it a cuff. she was tied to a chain but why were the chains illuminating light, It looked familiar but I could pin point. She was sitting cross legged trying her best to hide that foot.

''hey.....what's that?'' its better to ask right.... because my curiosity might get out of hand. I still have 2-3 hours in my hand till they come and get another one. 


"Miss.." she didn't react as if I don't even exist.

"That's kinda rude" i mumbled whiling observing her. why is she treated differently though. She looks like she hasn't seen the light of the day for so many years. there is definitely something off with this lady and the way she is the only one who is cuffed with strange something gives an eerie feeling. I haven't seen anything like that before. I turned around she wasn't going to say anything probably out of fear. 


"do you..???" I heard a weak whisper behind me. I turned around abruptly. she was talking. That's a good start...

"Yeah... Yeah... I do read faces. Do you wanna know?" I asked her again trying to strike a conversation although that was a lie. Father said I had many said abilities but this was not one of them. 

"Do you..." she repeated...

"Do I...." I repeated after her

"want... know... yours...?"her words made no sense to me. Was she going to tell me my future. she was playing me through my words, wasn't she... she probably knew a young man was definitely trying to play pranks, damn she is smart.. there is no harm playing along. is it....

"oh... you can read too.. yeah sure why not?I'd love to know my future too yayyy...." I wasn't sure if i was nervous or excited or scared , my feelings were all over the place, they way she spoke it gave me chills but at the same time I felt a pull towards her, an unidentified connection, something that can be explained in words.

" don't...let them know...

who you are Kyra....

they won't....

 let you live...

run away, don't let him brand you" she whispered slowly lifting her head looking up straight into my eyes.

Her Eyes....

My eyes.....

We have the same eyes, her wordss... she knew my name. she knew my real name she knows I am not a guy. 

How... the eyes...

"What do you mean, I don't understand?" I asked trying to get answers.

" You are up next" I heard a gruff voice. What did she mean by that how the hell she knows my name. I wanted answers. Damn it I needed them now. I am done with the quizzes. 

"respond when spoken to, u dumb shit, let's go" the gruff voice came back.

"No, Wait...". he opened the door to the cellar and dragged me out to where ever my destiny led me.


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