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Babita Kushwaha
Babita Kushwaha 30 Sep, 2021 | 1 min read
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Book Review 📚

Book name: Active parenting

writer: Ram G Vallath

Published by HarperCollins india

"What do you want your child to be?

There is no one way to raise a child. Each child is unique and can vary in so many ways in abilities and behaviour from others in their group"

yes totally agree their words and this book explains all the important things that you want to teach your child which can help your children to face every situation throughout their life.

Active parenting not only provides an approach that helps in raising successful children, but also helps in strong family bonds and happy parents.

What I liked best as a mother is that the author shared a lot of real life experiences from her personal life as a parent and as a son.

I am sure every parent will find themselves connected with this and surely this book will help in building good bonding between parents and children

If you are looking for a parenting book with some practical tips, then you must check out this book by RamG Vallath.

It is available on Amazon.


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